Friday, 10 February 2017

Laser Therapy Experience (Hannan Medispa)

Hi hello readers! 

I just had my 2nd laser yay! 

Many reviews of laser therapy that I read was insufficient to prepare me for what was to come. The result, the prior skin condition and pain tolerance did not match the most part of my real experience. So, I hope this post about my laser therapy experience will help some people out there. Always always always do your research before trying out stuff. Try to find a review with similar skin problem as you are, then you can truly consider going into it. 

I did mine at Hannan Medispa Kota Bharu, Kelantan. It was previously Klinik Primer but Dr. Hannan, the owner, ventured into the medispa business and presently Klinik Primer KB and the Medispa is at the same building. The phone number for Klinik Primer and Hannan Medispa KB is the same. Dr. Hannan Yusof also own several other branches of the Medispa all over Malaysia. What's great about it is that there are REAL DOCTORS assisting you and prescribing treatments for you. 

(Quick intermission: I just visited Hannan Medispa website and there's RM10 discount offered for your first treatment. This is NOT SPONSORED. I saw it like a minute ago)

My experience will be solely based on Hannan Medispa KB. Keep on reading!

1. Skin consultation 
You need to have a skin consultation first. When you arrive, go to Klinik Primer first for your consultation. oh God I forgot my doctor's name I'm so sorry but he's among the nicest doctors ever! And he's funny. So definitely visit the KB branch because the doctor is the best! With my skin, there weren't any new acne, just a lot of scars left. And my scars weren't the red ones. I have pigmentation so they're very very very dark spots. This is because I was on acne pills for around 3 months (I got my antibiotics from another dermatology specialist in KB, Dr. Balkhis). It was decided that all I needed was laser therapy. The doctor suggested taking the set of 3 treatments. One treatment costs RM350. 

2. Choose & pay treatment
After that I paid for my laser treatment and they gave me a tiny card. Whenever I come for treatments I just show them the card. Added with 6% GST, your treatment will cost a bit more. You can pay by credit/debit card or cash. The receptionist and assistants are super friendly gosh I love themmmm. I love the medispa it's awesome schmawesome. 

3. Treatment
Then you can proceed with your treatment. It was decided that I could do my treatment on the day I went for my consultation. So I went upstairs to Hannan Medispa to get my first ever laser treatment.  My second laser treatment however was with the doctor downstairs and it was a better experience. God save us all the pain was nothing like I imagined. Biasa orang cakap oh mcm kena gigit semut je. YEAH LIKE A BIG ASS SEMUT API ALL OVER YOUR FACE THAT'S WHAT. 

- 1st step. Numbing cream. That'll be on for 1/2 so bring a book or something to keep you entertained. 
- 2nd step. Laser.

Difference between 1st & 2nd laser:
With the first one I noticed that there weren't may layers of laser. My second laser, the doctor went over my face with the laser thrice. And she didn't talk to me much like I didn't know where she was moving around with the laser. But my 2nd laser is with the doctor. He's very nice talks in a very soft voice. Before he goes around again on my face he'd tell me first. He also informed me which part of my face he's gonna laser. Just makes you a bit more prepared for the laser. And don't worry you can tell him/her when it hurts so you can rest for a few seconds. Only with the 2nd laser did I get a cooling face mask after and some cream before I left. I think maybe that's the procedure.

Pain (depends on your pain tolerance, this is solely my experience):
During - There were two kinds of pain for me. Physical pain and psychological pain lol. The machine, there's this sound it emits. Try to look for videos to prepare you for what it'll sound like. It's also very hot. Thank God for numbing cream. The pain gets maximised when it's closer to my ear because I can hear it and it's hot and it's like being bitten by fire ants. But it was tolerable for me. The pain is like being bitten to the very maximum and then poof it's gone. That's because the laser is already moving to another spot. So the pain will be on different areas of your face at the time. Oh, you'll also smell your skin burning. Crazy i know.

After - Mostly just burning sensation because hello your skin was recently burnt. Expect some swelling. It'll be hard to eat because you can't open your mouth too wide. It hurts lol. And the most painful one for me is the poignant feeling when you take your wudhu, or ablution. Macam pricked by a gazillion needles all at one. So for the first 24 hours wudhu and sembahyang will be quite painful. So dah ambik air smayang tu simpan la dulu jgn terbatal hahahaha. 

Do not go out in direct sunlight for 2 weeks! The laser burns will peel off in a week but with the second week, you have fresh new baby skin so they're quite sensitive as well. If you need to go out in the second week please wear a burqa or something lol. Payung pun buleh. 

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