Friday, 28 April 2017

Rebranding Anisnad: Honours journey, body hacking, bullet journal and more!

Assalamualaikum and hello! 

Have you ever had the urge to write but the second the pen tip touches the paper the urge goes poof. Or you start typing a few sentences then finding yourself repeatedly pressing the delete button till they're all gone. That happens to me a lot. 

I haven’t been blogging because 1) the reason above, 2) I've been pretty overwhelmed with Honours year; the scale and risk of my research. However, I believe that other than writing in my journal, writing online helps too. There’s just something about clicking the publish button, sort of like letting go of the negativities and everything that’s stuck in my head. Except it goes public and everyone can see (been watching too much black mirror). Also, creating content is pretty exciting for me. I know most of the stuff in my blog is very personal but it is still an act of creation. A lecturer once told us that writing is practice, a good writer must practice everyday. Other than that, publishing entries publicly will help me be more aware of my writing style, structure and the overall quality of my work. So here’s to writing contents again and getting used to writing dense/informative topics *clinks glasses*

The biggest goal this year for my friends and I is to get 1st Class Honours. It’s a long and hard journey but at the same time, it’ll fly by very quickly. I need to be equipped with discipline and motivation; apart from hustling hard. The thing about me is that I can plan very well and have a detailed layout of tasks with deadlines. My biggest struggle however, is discipline. To get things done on my own terms is extremely challenging. I can be disciplined within a group or with the presence of a superior, such as school deadlines or organization's deadline. But with myself, that's a big challenge. Therefore, I am going to be doing a lot of body hacking and productivity experiments this year. For that reason, I'm rebranding this blog in order to share how things work out for me. 

Here’s a list of tools / activities that worked out for me so far and I’ve been consistent for 2 months: 
  1. Bullet journal (AMAZING TOOL) 
  2. Night runs. 2 - 3 times a week to cool off because I am naturally stressed out and tense at all times. Sometimes less but substituted with at home cardio boxing or rope jumping
  3. Slowly transitioned to a mostly plant based nutrition - works well but I stopped when I went to Melbourne and still eating crap right now
  4. Virtual vision board as laptop wallpaper - I believe it subconsciously works. Made my own using Canva.

Goals for May: 
  1. Submit an awesome draft of my 1st chapter for the thesis
  2. Submit an awesome essay for POLS6315
  3. Finally nail biphasic sleep so I can: wake up early, sleep less, get up for tahajjud, go out for early morning run and conquer the world
  4. Commit to 5-hour rule to get back on track with French. Bonne chance Anis! 
  5. Follow a fixed schedule and weekly wrap up for my blog
Big goals this month phew. Already out of breath writing this. Talk to you in next entry! 


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