Sunday, 7 May 2017

Weekly Wrap Up: Trials and All Errors

Assalamualaikum hello friends!

As the title suggests this is my weekly wrap up for the body and lifestyle hacking I’ve been trying last week. Since it’s the first week of trials therefore I am proud to announce that they’ve mostly resulted into errors. One thing I managed to tick off last week though is putting up a blog post on ways to read more. Do read it if you’re struggling to sneak in reading fiction or non-academic materials into your daily regimes. Two failures for last week are definitely biphasic sleep and 5-hour rule dedicated for french. 

1) Biphasic sleep
I have a problem. I’m very nocturnal. It is the time when I’m most active and inspired. But once I sleep, it can turn into a 12 hours sleep during the day. When I wake up, I invest too much time thinking and less doing. My brain fires up with a lot of planning and thinking, with very minimal executing. It has improved a lot when I started the bullet journal, and recently meal prepping (now I don’t have to spend so much time cooking). I’m convinced biphasic sleep will help me get more things done. I was supposed to sleep at 12 and wake up at 4.30 AM. Here’s the thing: I COULD NOT SLEEP AT 12. It just didn’t work, even in the dark. I end up just staring into the abyss of darkness and fall asleep at 2.30, and waking up at 12pm the next day. dammit. 

So here’s the new pattern and action plan that i’ll be trying this week. Force sleep at 10.00PM for 4.5 hours, wake up at 2.30 AM to get some reading done (and sneak in tahajjud). I can go out for a morning run after subuh. Then a 90 minutes nap at 10 AM, wake up just in time for Zohor. If you’ve seen the way I sleep, you’ll be questioning this schedule. Because girl when I sleep, I really just sleep. No alarm could wake me up. Or I’d wake up, say things to Amira, fall back asleep and have no recollection of our conversation. lol. 

2) 5-hour rule for French
All I did was watch some videos in French. No hours were dedicated to seriously learn. Arghhh where’s your execution Anis?! Okay so here’s what we need, a fixed hour. When am I free across the 7 days in a week? Let’s try this one out:

Saturday & Sunday - 2-3 PM = 2h
Monday to Friday - 2.30 - 3 PM = 3h 

And don’t forget to read for 1/2 h before bed :) 

That’s our action plan for this week! Let’s see what happens. Don’t let the failures of the past consume you. 

Later gators, 


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