Friday, 26 April 2013

Review: Look Again by Lisa Scottoline

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Assalamualaikum!

Have you ever imagined, or have you ever felt the excruciating mental torture when you lose a child? Well, I haven’t and I hope I never will. Through this story though, I could somehow imagine the pain. This novel revolves around the complications and mysteries that the antagonist, Ellen Gleeson, uncovers about the real identity of her adopted son, Will Gleeson. One day, a white ‘Have You Seen This Child’ flyer arrives in her mail. She gets very shocked because the boy on the flyer looks exactly like her son. Ellen comes up with many assumptions such as the possibility of Will having a twin, or maybe it is Will. As a reporter, her curiosity has become a part of her. She knows she has to investigate the case, although she is aware of the fact that she might lose Will. As the novel goes on, many conflicts arises which involves her job, her love life, her rights towards Will, her friendship and her life.

            Rate this book? Hmm… if the full rating is 5 stars, I’d go up to the sky and add 5 more. That’s how great this book is! I have never read any of Scottoline’s novels before so I have no comparison to make. But this one book is just amazing. She made me put my guards down and reach to my heart. It just made me cry. I only cried twice over books. The first was My Sister’s Keeper (MSK) by Jodi Picoult and the second is this one. The most heart-breaking moment was when I thought all the conflicts was over, then suddenly Will got taken away by his supposedly-biological dad. When I cried at the end of MSK, it was mostly because I was listening to a sad instrumental. But when I read this novel, Jesse McCartney’s rock number was playing on my CD player… still, I managed to cry.

            I would highly recommend this book to people who love mystery, thriller, and suspense with spices of love in between. Through this novel, readers can feel the strong love between a mother and a son. Seriously, Scottoline portrays the bond extremely well. There was also a love affair between Ellen and her boss (Oops! Sorry, spoiled it for ya!). All in all, I had a good time reading it although my heart was racing fast due to the many expectations that got twisted and turn out differently.

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