Thursday, 8 August 2013

Wake up for Fajr


Hey guys. Sorry no update for Eid, cuz im cool like thatt. chehh apekah
Since the Ramadhan is over, therefore the devils are unchained people. Astargfirullah, kena perang lagi 11 bulan. But it's okay, Allah accepts our apology if we are sincere so let's learn to be sincere and ask for forgiveness from Him. in shaa Allah.

I have a major problem. Either it's Ramadhan ke, Muharam Safar Rabiul Awal Rabiul Akhir Jamadil Awal Jamadil Akhir Rejab Syaaban Syawal Zulkaedah Zulhijjah... in all these months i'll have a problem to wake up for Fajr or here we call it Subuh. oiii anis nad enak kau tido ye. So I browsed around in YouTube and found Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan's video on how to wake up for fajr. I am seriously in love with his lectures now, especially the ones in Quran Weekly. Click on the links my brothers and sisters. in shaa Allah you won't regret it.


  1. nanti share lah anis. I suka jugak tgk tapi connection kat rumah slow tk dapat nk tgk youtube hoho.


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