Thursday, 21 November 2013

So how's college?

I've read boring books and inspirational stories of people who did not further their education into tertiary level and still become millionaires through their successful business. True. A business does not need a straight As CEO to survive. It needs fighters, to keep it going. But in Malaysia, tertiary education IS a big deal. Not that secures you future, neither does it turns your future pitch black if you do not receive any. But it opens up your chance for network, experience and of course, knowledge. In Islam Allah told us, through the Holy Quran, to read.

Read in the name of your Lord Who created.
Surah al-'Alaq (96:1)

Since I was little, this verse is always used to encourage us to study because Allah tells us to do so, therefore we have to. And of course when Allah tells you to do something, there will always be something in it for you as well. It's obvious isn't it that knowledge, or education, plays a vital part in our the development of our life. 

Back to the question, how's college?
College is amazing. It's a life changing experience. It's a path that He wants me to be on, I know it because since I enrolled early this year, I can't stop thinking of how lucky and thankful I am towards Him. Plus lot's of things happened to me since I entered college. Things that teach me patience, hard work, integrity, honesty and all those nouns/verbs/adjective. I am far from being the girl that I really wish to be but I am working on it. So yeah, college is great :)

What course are you taking?
I am currently undergoing a preparation studies called American Degree Program originally designed for furthering studies in the States but for my contract I am bound to Australia. My batch is the 2nd batch (if I am not mistaken) among the pioneers of this program to go to Aussie and currently only one university accepts our applications directly which is Uni of Queensland (UQ). Other universities would have to assess our applications as special cases. This is an agreement between my sponsor and UQ. InsyaAllah when I'm in Australia I'll be majoring in International Relations. It's an Arts course so my career prospects is wide open but at the same time not promising. May Allah ease.

What's International Relations?
One day one of my friend asked me, "Why did you choose this course?". I thought I knew why but really, I didnt. I answered "It is an escape for me from any heavy science or maths". In a way, it is! But it is also because I think this course suits me most. So what is THIS COURSE? The name pretty much literally explains everything. Relation = connection and International = the whole word altogether. Hah senang kan? So International Relations is a division of International Studies. In this course the students will learn about connections between countries so the subjects would mostly cover politics, history, import and export, international laws, ethics, human rights and etc. More information google sendiri please rajin sikit haha

Seriously now, how's college?
I don't feel like I have hit the point of this entry. Dude college is seriously fun. To me it is all about the experience. You get to meet a lot of people who will change your life. You are going to make friends with people you like and you do not like. There is no space for immaturity because people will kick you out of the system. So learn to accept everything and do not change people so that you can live the way you wish to. Instead, you have to learn to adapt! But all in all I believe accepting people around you is the key. When you accept people, you have less things to worry and complain about. Therefore you can focus on your studies, at the same time you'll do well in clubs or societies. After that you will find your own group of friends who can hangout with. College, is the introduction to reality. 

Choose your course wisely. Do not be lazy and read up about the courses that you might love. Then perform your istikharah and leave everything to Allah SWT.

May Allah ease, 
Good luck for SPM 

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