Friday, 13 December 2013

I lied, I never missed high school

Assalamualaikum, heyyy...

Everytime I see status about people saying they miss high school, college sucks and all that. And then I pretty much make these faces right here

No not at you my friends (who miss high school), instead at the words high school / sekolah menengah / form 1 / form 2 / form 3 / form 4 / form 5 / I think I'm starting to hate primary school as well now.
Now don't get me wrong, hah dah ada dah kengkawan yg mengamuk cakap kacang lupakan kulit dan pelbagai peribahasa melayu yg lain. Tapi i just do hate high school omaigosh. 

I love and respect my teachers. I love some of my friends, I love my adventures, I love my certificates, I love my room and roommates, I love a lot of things. But some things that disgusts me just over-weighs everything I love and turn my feeling towards hatred. I owe my life to Tengku Mahmud and MJSC Pengkalan Chepa but if you ask me whether I'd go back to those places and relive the memories? No way weyh. I was mentally tortured by the cruelness of one person who believes that she is always right. Threatened me that I will not get straight A's in SPM and pretty much hated me because of who I am. Well if I am a bitch in your eyes still, then I'd rather be one. I don't wanna conceal who I am and kiss your ass just to please you. 

I'll shut up now.

I owe Tengku Mahmud School and MJSC Pengkalan Chepa, I love these two great institution
.... but I hate high school


  1. boy was i glad to know tht there r others thinking of the same thing. well, great minds think alike. lol :P

    1. haha birds of the same feathers flock together

  2. Me, neither. School was a nightmare. And now I already wake up. Haha.

    1. yeah! i wake up and im living my life in my own way!

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