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Why International Relations?


This post is to answer this question asked by anonymous. This question was asked by friends, teachers, people I don’t know, my parents’ friends, my friends’ parents, my ex boyfriend (I told him five times), everybody -.-‘

Thanks for asking me dear anonymous. Here is my full length answer

International Relations is a very wide field. It teaches economy, politics and latest issues. I highly believe it provides a platform for me to recognize the issues that seem to threaten the peace and unity among human beings and resolve solutions to turn the situation around. By studying international economy, I have faith in myself that I can bring back the knowledge from abroad and revolutionize the economy in Malaysia without tampering with the Asian culture that we have been maintaining since our independence back in 1957. After I graduate, I may be able to work with a multinational company and one day I will own a company of my own that will improve this country’s economy and provide equal chances for every citizen to make a living for one self. This course is definitely interesting from my point of view and I am eager to learn more.

The bold paragraph above is taken from the essay that I sent to MARA when I applied for this course. I was not really sure back then whether it was the right answer, was International Relations (IR) really what I have been picturing in my head? Well I can’t really tell because I am not majoring in it yet. I am still doing my credit transfer. Now, I believe if people ask me “Why International Relations? Why not engineering? Why not medic? Why not dentistry? Why not accounting? Why not biotechnology?” I am going to say, because Allah gave me a sign.

In MRSM we had to do this career research and submit it to our counselors. I did one on Actuarial Science. I wanted to go to London School of Economics. I had everything laid out in front of me eyes, well on paper in my portfolio of course. But then I realised that statistics and maths isn’t my thing. After that I fell deeply in love with CIMA which is Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. Yes, I wanted to take CIMA. As what happened with Actuarial Science, I was convinced that that was going to be my future. I knew every single thing about it, how many papers to take, what I am going to work at, I even planned to be Axiata’s CEO one day LOL.

But then came that time when MARA offered their students early intake, not a sponsorship but a scholarship. They’re two different thing. Then I started to think again.
“Kau betul ke mampu jadi accountant ni Anis?”
Dina was having conflicts as well so I accompanied her to meet our counselor, the words of advices she gave was for Dina but I practiced it as well. She told us to perform the *istikharah prayer for 7 days and see what happens. I only did it once. But Allah is good and Allah is Great. All of a sudden, my friend Ninny talked about Nad’s relative who took international relations before and have a good job. I was like “What in the world is that”. So I did a research, I asked for opinions from my brother, my sisters, my parents. And I... fell in love with IR. It was soooo my thing. History of other countries, language, political science, social studies, laws, economics, wars and all that. It’s like a debate all bundled up in one called IR. I love talking, my debate teacher Madam Zakiah said to my parents that I am better off in a field that allows me to expand my soft skills.

I prayed, asked Him for guidance still. I filled up the form, sent my resume, my essay. And I got it. He sent me here, I am happy here,  I found tarbiyyah here. So inshaaAllah this is the path that I am supposed to take. Maybe, hopefully. Only Allah knows.

Thanks. Till next entry :)

 *non obligatory prayer performed to ask for guidance from Allah regarding anything in life. He knows best 

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