Saturday, 2 August 2014

Forgive & Forget

it's been a long long time and I feel irresponsible for not writing. not that many people read this blog but I have a few friends reading. 
Al-Hakim is one the beautiful names of Allah and it means The Perfectly Wise. And He is wise indeed for creating a special day in a year where we humans can forgive and forget. That day is none other than Aildifitri or Eid. 
I try, I believe a lot of people also try to forgive, as well as ask for forgiveness from others. It is such a relieve to ask for forgiveness from other people, it's like your life seems simple and beautiful. And what's wise about Allah is that He knows humans are egoistic therefore He created one special day, a chance, an incentive for us to ask for forgiveness.

It is normal to forgive, but to forget? 
People say time heals everything, well that might work with short-term memory loss but for a person like me? Who is always nostalgic, tragic and magic (now I'm just making rhymes -.-)
It is extremely hard for me to forget things. And no, time does not heal anything, it just makes you numb. That's what my lecturer told my class. 
Although some might not realize but my high school years were semi hell. The only non-hell things were debate, my fellow debater friends, my special friends and McDonalds. 

Sisters' bracelet by my sister from another mother: Ninny
Sisters' ring given by: Nadh
These are among the two things I have to remind me that there were some good times in school. They also remind me that what's past is past, they remind me to forgive, but no, I won't forget.

Instead, I'll just be numb


  1. Meeting u and knowing u is one of my best high school memories. thank u darling. U know how muh i love u. -ur little squirrel -

  2. Do write as frequent as you can. You'll never know who'll be reading this great blog of yours.


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