Saturday, 16 August 2014

of Rage & Anger


I am hurt,
By all these accusations towards my beloved God, Allah
I am hurt,
By all those crap you say about my Prophet Muhammad SAW

I wrote a few paragraphs of draft filled 
with rage, anger and curses towards you people. 

But my God says sabar, patience
But my God whispers love words towards me so that I won't hate you
But my God says be positive
So I followed what my God says

And I'm hurt by the fact that I am too weak to defend my own religion
I am torn to pieces by the fact that I sit in front of my computer,
just read and watch as people degrades my Allah, degrades my Prophet.

In the end, no matter what uni I go to,
or what field of study I go through,
If I can't defend my religion,
then I am still a moron,
I am still an idiot,
I am still worthy for the hell fire.

The smell of paradise is so far away,
So what do I do?


  1. What to do?

    Turn to Allah. Be a faithful servant to Him (Qurab 51:56), and answer His call for a khalifa in this world (Quran 2:30). Illustrate that stand through your principles, your words, your behavior, and basically every aspects of your life (including your studies).

    You don't necessarily have to go to the battlefield just to prove that you're fighting for Islam; I know that you are capable of doing so many great things with the right purpose and methods in mind :)


    1. Walaikumussalam,
      Thank you for the words of wisdom Kak Nina. I really appreciate it. I just think too much and ending up wanting to do everything instead of slowly climbing up the ladders. I shall take it slowly now. Slowly but surely inshaaAllah we'll get there. We'll win this battle with His will :) Love you :*


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