Saturday, 29 November 2014

Cinnamon Coffee


Heyyyyy there. I’m in a slump I really am I can only read but not write. I don’t know the ideas are there the problem is writing it down. I tried making voice notes of my ideas but only ended up listening to them again because I think my voice is cute. Narcissist -.-‘

So yeah I don’t know what works for me but I think I’m just downright lazy that’s all. Have you guys been this lazy? Gosh I’m so damn lazy. Then I get mad at people who tells me to un-lazy myself. Excuse me I can live my life however I want to *flying Quran hits face*

I’m being really random right now so I’m going to talk about something that I’m really into. My cup of tea. Or rather, my cup of coffee. I am not a coffee aficionado who goes all jumpy upon hearing the word “coffee hunting”. Nope not at all, not adventurous this girl very lazy kan I told you. What I love is actually the idea of coffee.

I always characterize coffee as a warm hug on a rainy day. It’s very comforting and loving. I’m all about love (pffftt so cheesy). Then one fine day the sky turned a very beautiful shade of gray, and the perfect storm comes crashing in, whilst I was on my computer browsing through my twitter timeline. Then I found something like this,

source: google images
then I was like wait that’s what I said about coffee! So yeah either that really came from me (narcissist) or there are other people in this world who thinks just like me. Hmmmm….

I shouldn’t be drinking coffee because caffeine gives me mild migraine. Nescafe can kill me. I almost died twice -.-‘ But oh hell even my painkiller has caffeine in it. The heart wants what it wants. I bought cinnamon powder, because I wanted to put them on my oats. One morning I thought heyyyyyy why don’t I put a dash on my coffee and feel all Christmas-ish in Malaysia.

That fortunate incident, changed my life forever. I will only have my coffee with cinnamon from now on. I’m having coffee right now, with two dashes of cinnamon. Smells amazing. It’s more than a warm hug on a rainy day. It’s true love. Sorry Imran :p

In the end I just wanna make it clear that this post is labelled recipe because actually I just wanted to tell you guys to try cinnamon with your coffee. That’s all. And I haven’t write for a long time, ranting like this feels so good it’s like therapy.

Thanks for reading.

Whoever you are, xoxo

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