Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Being a Girl Sucks


Hi hello there. 

Being a girl sucks.... in terms of driving. I'm such a lousy driver. I've heard somewhere that scientifically, men ARE better driver than women. Something about a component in their brain that allows them to see ahead. But I'm not saying all women are lousy driver, I'm talking about me. This is my blog of course I talk about me (narcissist -.-')

I was driving back home just now, and there were a bunch of kids by the roadside. I hate this situation. Kids go play something else inside why tepi jalan haih. But I'm not lying they were very cute. Then I saw it, a ball rolled right in front of the car and the thunder roared. 

There was no thunder but the kid was smart enough to stop and stareeee. Don't worry kids I got this. Well of course I stopped the car lol I was driving very veryyy slow anyway. I smiled but I didnt think they saw me, now they won't know that I'm the nice Kak Anis ergh. 

Point is. There's no point. I did a little bit of thinking and I've decided that I'm a very lousy driver indeed. I believe the reason why God made men better drivers is because it's pretty sweet you know. The guy driving and the girl next to him awwwww.... Thank you God.

To my future kids, ada rezeki ada, mommy's gonna get you a big house with a nice yard with a nice pagar so you'll play inside okay. 

Thanks for reading.

As always, whoever you are xoxo :)

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