Saturday, 6 December 2014

Favourite Bloggger


If you ask me who my favourite blogger is, I’d probably shout Mia Suraya! I’m shouting right now. I saw her once in Kinokunya and forgot how to breathe. I commented on her blog saying I saw her in Kino and she freaking replied tanya kenapa tak tegur. Again at that moment, I forgot how to breathe Mia Suraya teach me how to breathe please.

i wuv you so much Mia Suraya
The thing about Mia Suraya is that she is very classy and elegant yet so simple. But of course having a nice body and thick wallet (with cash lol), you can achieve anything. That’s what I thought initially, but as I read further I realised that she is so much more than that. She works with a bank, which is impressive to me. She loves Japan, I think she’s been to Japan countless time already. She travels with her husband (then-boyfriend), most of the time. She’s also pretty secretive about life with her husband which I respect a lot. I mean there are things that she talks about but you’ll never really know.

She aspires me a lot. With her sweet smile and her laid back style of telling stories. My personal favourites are the ones when she talk about her witty little sister Asna, and her wedding.
The reason why I love her wedding is because she plans everything very thoroughly and despite being a rich person, she sticks to her budgets! Or it’s the other way around. I mean well she’s rich because she sticks to her budget I suppose.

She seems like the type of person who likes simplicity. I like that too. I want a simple wedding with close family and friends. There. Done. Not that I’m getting married soon but hey a girl can plan a thousand years ahead and not forget about it. Especially me lol.

So yeah back to simplicity. A simple ceremony and reception would be so perfect. Just a white dress or perhaps a pale pink. Not a striking neon blue or orange oh dear God no. I believe my plan is nice, sweet and simple. Cost efficient and time efficient! I can use the money to fund my first house, my business, my life, my honeymoon and all that. It’s a tough world we live in.

But apparently my mama has another perspective on throwing a huge majlis for people to attend. Honestly, it has changed the way I think. Perhaps spending a lot of money on weddings isn’t so bad after all. Will talk about this later.

Do check Mia Suraya out. She is amazzinnggg.

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