Wednesday, 7 January 2015


This is my escape.

Now and forever.

When I fall so hard into a dark pit, I can always remember the stories I’ve read.

When I’m so high up, yet I’m alone, I can always count on fictions to be the most loyal friend I could ever ask for.

I’ve lived in countless worlds. I’ve been countless characters. I became a princess. A mother. A child. A father. A criminal. A runaway. Once, I was also Alice, and I’ve wandered in a mysterious land.       

But you are something else.

You are my escape from my own escapism.

Because, when I miss you, it hurts so badly. Knowing that we’re a few hundred miles away.

Soon we'll be thousands of miles away.

I read to get my mind off things. So that my chest wouldn’t ache.

But as I read, the letters linger around and your name keeps popping up in my head.

Perhaps I’m dyslexic.

Or maybe you’re just all I can think about. 

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