Thursday, 1 January 2015


This is a recollection of my final impromptu speech in literature class. They're not the exact words but close enough. 

I didn’t really had the oh-I-feel-so-empty feeling knowing that it was the last literature lecture for the semester. In fact I felt happy because my time as a student in INTEC was coming to an end. Miss Azi surprised us with an impromptu speech session. Which literally was a surprise because she took her flats off and stood on the table in front of class. I thought “This is gonna be one hell of an interesting speech session”.

Due to my excitement, I volunteered to go first. Stepped on the mini-stage and experienced a breath-taking view of audiences below. A view, and a sensation that I haven’t felt for the two years that I’ve spent in INTEC.

“First of all, I’d like to say that I’m happy to be home. For 17 years of my life, up until high-school, I had been on stage. Public speaking, acting, reciting poets, telling stories, dancing. I did everything that involved me being on stage. It was my life, and it was my home. I felt a sense of belonging on stage, with my crew.

I was a certificate-hoarder. I crave achievements. I went on an achievement-frenzy journey. But then I realised along the way, I had no friends. There were the occasional friends, crew members, teammates and all that. But the real group of friends that really stuck together. I had none of that. Or at least I didn’t feel like I belonged in any.

So I’ve talked about the 17 years, where did the other two went, because…well we’re 19 right? (INTEC! My friends answered) Yes INTEC! I came to INTEC and told myself “I’m gonna get off the stage and be normal this time around”. And I did. That was the best decision ever.

I found so many friends. In fact I have gained so much more success off-stage then I ever did on-stage. I met friends, I had adventures. Away from the fame that I once had, I actually felt a sense of happiness. So thank you to every one of you who’ve made me happy.

Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone and of course Miss Azi especially. Because I really really miss this (giving speeches and interacting with audiences).  Thank you for the chance to give this speech. Thank you so much…for bringing me home."


  1. Patut la saye yg suke bermain2 ni had so much fun je during school days bahahahahha
    (hint to my blog) LOL hint lah sangatttt


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