Saturday, 31 January 2015

How To Be Happy

How to be happy

You smile and you nod to everything people say
You tell people only what they wanna hear
You kiss your thoughts goodbye
You wave your pretentious self hello
You let people beat you up
With their words and their fists
You let people get away
With their selfishness and their ignorance
Dont forget to bottle up
Whatever the hell you feel
Because remember you do not matter
What matters is what people want out of you
So squeeze out every ounce of lies
And keep in all your creative juice
You should stop eating because you are not pretty
You have to fit in
So be fit
Fit is skinny
Skinny is beautiful
So he wont look at his pretty friends
The way he looks at you
Remember, you do not matter
Other people do 
Make other people happy
Then maybe God will love you enough
To grant you a drop of happiness
This life is not about you

Perhaps you dont deserve it anyway


Interaction from you guys makes me happy :)