Saturday, 7 February 2015

100 Posts of Happiness | Instagram


Hello there. It's so weird knowing not many people read my posts but I still write like I'm talking to the whole world that wants to know my story. I honestly don't care I just gotta keep writing to keep in touch with myself. Every single time I write it's a moment of reflection. Sort of like therapy; and when I hit the Publish button it's more of a symbol of letting go.

Letting go is an important method for me to reduce stress. I am naturally a very stressful person because I overthink everything. Yet sometimes I believe my overthinking gets pretty useful when it comes to management and event planning. I'm currently using a Note 4 at the moment and they have this heartbeat detector that can measure stress. So I did a before an after stress test. 

The measurement that I took was before and after writing. I didn't believe at my theory at first but I gave it a go. The result after I wrote a very emotional caption on Instagram, was quite shocking. It reduced LOL. Now that I've seen what writing does to me, I'm definitely gonna start writing like I used to again. Probably not on this blog all the time but I will surely find time and space to write.

Another thing I'm doing is the #100postsofhappiness on Instagram. Usually people do 100 days but I don't wanna take my life one day at a time. I'm taking it one moment, or one photo at a time. This really does make me happier when people respond. LOL I honestly just love talking to people and getting different responses. Sounds cheesy and fake but it's true #youcanthandlethetruth

So umm... how do you handle stress?

Whoever you are, thanks for reading xoxo


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    1. heyy there awak thank you :) dont be jealous you have nice photos too ish. geletek kang

  2. I couldn't agree with you more about writing is sort of escapism - therapy and reflection. I always devoured in writing and I would feel very relieved after I've burst out everything into words. And yeah, writing is probably my one of the most effective stress relievers. I think #100postsofhappiness is a cool idea, and you're pretty!

    1. ikr! It's not so much about being famous or getting more and more people to read. it's just a huge relieve when you get it out there. And getting responses is a huge plus, for me, because believe it or not i kinda like socializing and getting to know people. So reading and replying comments are fun for me :) hey what's your instagram?

    2. Oh snap I don't own one. I only checked it through my laptop since your feeds could be scrolled through from the, I guess.


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