Friday, 6 February 2015

Road to Australia


Hey thereeee. 8 more days and I'm off to Australia.

Even at this point it seems so surreal. I have no idea how intense my emotions will be when I'm at the airport with my family and close friends. But most importantly what'll happen after I'm gone. 
Not like "gone" gone. More to what'll happen when I'm out of sight and out of touch. Sure there's Skype, WhatsApp and all those technology that brings people closer together these days. But to me personally, nothing beats the feeling of ACTUALLY being next to each other; talking; laughing; and hugging. I love warm hugs. 

I'll make sure to hug my mama the whole time at the airport until it's actually time to leave and disappear into the departure hall. Separation is so hard. Especially for a person as attached as I am. If you do not know then here's an info. I am super attached to the people around me. Sometimes I get attached to places too. Except for my MRSM. I am not attached to that place AT ALL. Don't get me wrong but there's really nothing to look back at during my time there. nada!

There are people who I can never possibly meet before I fly off. Kakya, Ninny, Ayie, A'a, Eriq, Ryan... not even my boyfriend! Gosh I'm gonna miss him so much. He's flying off on that same day but his flight is around 3pm. Couldn't possibly drive from Melaka to meet me at 5 am then go back home and off to KLIA again. Nope no no. We'll just have to sabar la with this whole situation. But he's going to Melbourne and we'll meet againnnnnn!!! I'm already excited >.<

I think I'm gonna cry at the airport.

Remind me not to wear black eyeliner that day because we all know what's gonna happen :'(

oh here's a piece I wrote on Instagram. for Imran and my friends <3

If you really have to ask what I see in you. Then it's so complicated to answer. Because there are so many things that I adore. Yet none of em are on point. You are more than just mere descriptions and simple characterizations. 
If you're really gonna ask again what I see in you. Then I have to say I never did. I never saw deep enough. But I saw you once and I kinda like you as a whole. So I'm keeping you. Those little details that trail your character, that, I can learn to deal with :)#100postsofhappiness


  1. I laughed so hard at the fact that you're get too attached to people, places and etc. except for your MRSM. Lol! I know how that feels, literally. I hope you enjoy your time there!

    p/s: A late comment because [I don't know] your posts seemed don't appear on my blogger home that I had to go to my following list and visit one by one. But I think it's solved now.

  2. Heyy thanks for reading :) relieved that im not the only one who doesnt feel any sense of "nostalgic" towards my mrsm hahaha.

  3. Heyy thanks for reading :) relieved that im not the only one who doesnt feel any sense of "nostalgic" towards my mrsm hahaha.


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