Sunday, 1 February 2015

the in between

I am happy
Also, I am not happy
I am sad
Also, I am not sad
So far I talk about this with only one person
But, I wrote everything here assuming that no one reads this

I was touched
When my friends came and held me tight
Asking me what was wrong
Also, I had to run away
Sorry I shut you guys out
Because I do not know what’s wrong

I can tell anything to Imran
But I do not talk about this with him
In fact I don't talk about this with anyone
Just one person actually
I know what people will think
That I want attention
That I am faking this

You do not know what I am talking about
But you wish you understand
I do not want you to know
But sometimes I do
This is a cry for help
Also… this is not a cry for help

It’s just a simple "in between"

p/s: this might seem very depressing and complicated lol but i just had to let them out

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