Sunday, 15 March 2015

One Month


It's been a month here and I'm doing fine. I love lectures and classes. Let me just take this chance to say that majoring in international relations is probably one of the best decisions ever. Being an art major there aren't many lectures and classes. My classes are only from Monday to Thursday, plus I scheduled only two classes per day. But still, the amount of reading that I have to complete does compensate the free time that I have. So far, it's been fun. I adapt quite well to this place and I have to say I love this state, beautiful sunshine state of Queensland. My senior was right, it does make you feel like home. 

But as much as 'home-ish' I feel, nothing beats the feeling of truly being home in Kampung Jabi. At this very moment, homesickness kicks in, yikes. It's probably the calories and caffeine from the white coffee I decided to have just because I wanted to.  Yeap, I make stupid decisions at night lol. That, and my 1 am thoughts. Here comes the tears.

I just realised that I made a huge sacrifice leaving everything behind in Malaysia. Not that I'm not going back of course I am. But it's 8 hours away, that is if I manage to book a flight. Gawwwdddd I'm bawling my eyes out.

See if you ever feel weak and need strength, just read al-Fatihah. That surah, my friends is a strength replenisher. Read it along with the meanings la. Repeat it again and again. Doesn't matter if you don't feel a thing, if you recite it with the right intention, Allah will listen to you. You'll feel the strength slowly seeping in.

Last night I asked Imran if God still listens to me. He said of course He does. 
I don't know. I hope He does.
God probably hasn't heard my prayers for a long time, that's why He made me sad tonight. 

so umm yeah thats me feeding a kangaroo -.-'

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