Saturday, 4 April 2015

Writing Prompt: Evil

Before I post the product I'm gonna just explain what writing prompt is. It could be anything, an event, a word, a phrase, a sentence, an image, a memory, etc that is used to initiate a writer to write. I work best with prompts because, well it's easier than coming up with an original idea. I still have issues about being original I just sucks lol.

What I did was googled images for Evil and the pictures just reminded me of people. So I just took off from there. Set my timer for 5 minutes and came up with a short response. Which turned out to be very shitty. But no matter how shitty it is, it's a great exercise. I think my brain just went on a 4 miles run lol (still fat). Posting this with a hope of getting building criticism because I know this is far from being good, if anybody still reads lol.


People don’t fear evil. Evil is subjective. People fear people. 

People fear the evilness in other people. It isn’t about evil that ruins a life or damages a soul. It’s about people.

What people say. What people do. What people ARE. 

It is scary. Because when you face an evil you know exactly what you’re facing. Evil.

But with people. You can never know what they really are. They can be evil and seems nice. They can look evil but they’re actually the purest souls on earth. There is only one way to know what a person really is. Which is by getting to know them. That pretty much jumping into a dark pit in which there could be hell, or heaven in it. You never know. 

So that’s why humans, don’t fear evil itself. They fear people, with evilness embedded deep within them. 

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