Monday, 11 May 2015

I'm staying

Last week I set up a blog on wordpress thinking that ohh that'd be a nice change. Then I realised that I was trapped. I mean I don't have as much freedom to tweak around the blog much. I could if I paid but cmon I don't have a reason to. It's not like I'm a well established writer that could maintain a paid domain.

So I'm back! I stayed there on wordpress for a week and wrote like two longs posts. One was a book review and another one was something about coffee. Go ahead click on it. Click ittttttt. But yeah I was so thankful to God that He didn't make me delete this blog because the longer I think about it, the more I realise that I kinda have an attachment to this blog. aaaawwww my baby Coffee House.

Just a little update. I'm currently in the midst of three long essays that means a bunch of political science literature to finish. Deadline comes closer day by day but I'm still stuck with readings and trying to wrap my head around what arguments I'm actually gonna use in my essays.

Right now i really just can't focus so I'm taking a little break just to write stuff. Probably feel like I'm actually talking to people, you know just let it out. Because the blogosphere can be a really nice place with really nice people.

I did thought of like bugging Imran just anytime I want to but he has uni stuff too so meehhh don't wanna distract him. I'll probably just sleep with his sweater tonight lol overly attached girlfriend; pretty obsessive no? >.<

Also, I wanna share this one really nice video about human rights, my lecturer showed it to us in the lecture hall just now and it's amazing. Although I'm doing a little research about human rights in Islam like when Quran descended and all that jazz because I wanna tally with the years provided in the video. Stumbled on this Islam 101 site and it has like a really nice human rights values extracted from Quran which is based on the writing of Abu Al-'A'la Mawdudi,  who's a sunni. Legit stuff guys, very legit.

Here's the link to the video. Yenjoyyyy.

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