Friday, 22 May 2015

Tips to survive highschool

Things took some turn as I was writing this. Wanted to make like a nice list of tips to enjoy school but I realised that those tips are nothing if you lack the two things that I'll be ranting about. Thank you for reading. Sorry long post

I’ve always been the kind of person who loves education and being in school. But my life took some horrific turns in my second high school when I was in form 4 and 5.

Despite the horrible stuff that’s going on, I still consider my education pretty enjoyable as a whole. One might ask, how in the world do you enjoy studying? Halt! I didn’t say I enjoy studying, what I love is education. Learning. Discovering things. Here are some tips to be happy in school lol sounds so fake. 

1) Submission to God
People always put this last. Like… usaha bla bla bla last last tawakkal je la kan semua ni rezeki Allah. WRONG! Apa last hah? Allah nombor satu. You submit to God FIRST, then everything else will follow nicely.

2) Find your rhythm 
Read or research about study skills. But sometimes, following them plainly isn’t gonna get you far. Try a variety of study methods, and put your own flair to it. In time you’ll have your own system. What works for others might not work for you. So be brave to try and make errors. And hey, messing up is a part of learning too. Once you have your own system, you’ll find education less stressful. Pretty fun in fact.

3) Co-curricular activities
Pick up something that you’ll enjoy which involve friends. There are sports, clubs, and well… some other stuff. If it wasn’t for debating and doing stuff on stage, I wouldn’t survive high school. I was far more active in lower secondary because well I didn’t have to worry about stuff. But in upper secondary things just got more serious, I needed a scholarship so studying had to be a priority. Although it didn’t heck I avoided studying lol. Pastu mulalah nak SPM tu cuak gila. Sejarah x habis revise tahu tak? 

4) Actually you know what... screw number 2 and 3
You only need number 1 and number 5 that follows. Submit to God, ask for Strength, Patience, Love, and Success or whatever it is that makes you happy. Talk to Him. You can talk to Him anytime you want. He’s never too busy for you. He’s always there and when you make it a habit to talk to Him, you’ll start to feel His presence everywhere and everytime. I came across a quote: 
“If you remind your heart of Allah, your heart will start reminding you of Him” 

something that sounds like that.  

5) Oh one more, self-determination
People complain how awful school is, you hate homework you hate your teachers.

“i hate school"
“malasnya i"
“i hate homework"
“my teacher sucks"
bla bla bla

notice how they all uses first-person pronouns which refers to YOURSELF. so who’s the one who has power to change all that? yeap, YOU. 

i am one of the person who says things like i malas, i letih, i penat, i stressed. all that . only upon writing this that I realise these things. so these aren’t only for you to read, but for me to reflect on. 

May God bless all of us. 

As always, I love you. Whoever you are. 



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