Wednesday, 13 May 2015

UQ Cultural Fiesta

University and its wide cultural variety is amazing. Racial segregation is definitely not an issue here. It’s as diverse as Malaysia is, in fact even more diverse with international students from 142 countries (took this from UQ’s web lol). Fact: Malaysian students is the 2nd largest international community in UQ. I'm not sure as of this year because I just joined this online uni fair last year before coming here and the guy said we're the 2nd largest okay so there are quite a lot of us here. 

Culture is always an exciting thing to explore. Lucky for us students, UQ had this cultural fiesta and merged all cultural associations like Malaysian Students Association, Pakistani Students Association, Japanese Students Association, Saudi’s, Pacific Islanders, Taiwan, China soooooo many clubs!!! 

We get to try lots of traditional or non-traditional but culturally distinct food. Although I didn’t get to eat a lotta samples because well… I had a lot of things to carry and I wasn’t planning to stay at the fiesta for too long. But I sure did walk around and it was great! All the colours, different accents, trying out costumes, it’s just really cool that UQ does this annually. 

Somehow I have every reason to believe that these reptiles below were drugged because they were verrrrryyyyyyy quite and inactive. Not that I wanted them snakes to slither around but they were too diam man that's weird. 

Ayesha the gorgeous Pakistani representative!

Okay I have to talk about these Afghan accessories they are sooo colourful and authentic. I have decided that my wedding dresses will have Afghani elements. Especially the choker and the head chain.
That's all guys till next time! Thanks for reading.


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