Tuesday, 2 June 2015

100/100 On Instagram!


If you follow me on instagram you might’ve noticed that I finished my 100 posts of happiness in around 3-4 months. Yay! The reason why I started this was because of some issues I had before I came here and I thought hey why not use the social network for something beneficial. 

If you tried to number Allah’s blessings, you could never count them. Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (Surah an-Nahl, 18)

Managed to get 100 but God knows there are uncountable happiness and blessings in my life. When i think of it I really can’t complain, although I still do complain sometimes. After dinner I still had the nerve to say ‘i’m still hungry’. really?! nisned you had more than enough. 

There’s this one ayat that I always associate with when talking about being grateful:

And when your Lord announced: "If you are grateful, I will certainly give you increase, but if you are ungrateful, My punishment is severe."' (Surah Ibrahim: 7)


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