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The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ

I got The Night Circus last month, it was a gift from Imran. Thank you :* The book came out 4 years ago and this review is just gonna be another minor addition to a massive pile of reviews which probably renders it useless. But I really really wanna write this review to just get my feelings about this book out there. 

This book follows the story of two apprentice magicians, Celia and Marco, who are in the midst of a duel. Each has been trained by their mentors since they were very young. So they grew up being prepped to fight without actually knowing each other. The duel is to go on until only one person stands, but this was never explained to them because their mentors tend to be very secretive it makes me angry. 

The duel is later on set in a magnificent circus which appears suddenly without announcement. It attracts people of all ages and features amazing magic as well as amazing surroundings that makes you wish it’s real. 

Things get more complicated when the apprentices, falls in love with each other (cmon guys make some space for laff). This just makes things more complicated and heart-wrenching as we journey with these two who tries to make their love works but at the same time they cannot break the fate that they are tangled in. 

I rate it:
4.5 / 5

Warning: we are about to get in the spoiler section so if you do not wish to get spoiled, kindly leave. But if you’re like me and you’re okay with spoilers then yay stay here, read my opinions and discuss with moi! 


  • I love love loveeee the circus. The main reason is that although we all know this story is about Celia and Marco, the circus just includes so many characters that you’ll just fall in love (or hate) with. I absolutely love the twins, Widget and Poppet, because their ’siblingship' is just goals. They stick to each other through thick and thin. The best part is that they explore their abilities together so it feels like they always have each others’ back. I’m secretly wishing to have twins one day lol. Not a secret anymore. 
  • Celia! Her magic is to die for. The fact that her training is pretty painful just makes her character stronger than she already is. Her dad aka mentor, used to slash her fingers open and she had to heal them all by herself. Took some time for her to manage to heal them all at once. I love how she effortlessly manifests her magic and manipulations. Like what she did during her first audition, that's amazing and I could literally feel the shock of Mr. A.H. and Marco himself when they first saw her performing. Apart from that I want her wardrobe so badly. Who wouldn’t be jealous of a gorgeous lady who can transform her dresses any way she wants. My favourite dress will always be the black dress. It’s almost similar to Elie Saab’s design. 

  • Although I have this dying need to know more about Celia. I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like Celia’s character didn’t get the tragic character building that I expected it to be. If only there were more stories of her childhood and how she was trained. But that would only make the book even thicker than it already is. 
  • Love. We can’t skip this part. The first moment Marco kissed Isobel, I felt so happy. For a moment it’s like a perfect teen love. But as I read further I knew that he’s gonna end up with Celia anyway and I just had this anger building up inside because Marco’s definitely gonna leave her and be with Celia!!!! At the same time, I also love the relationship between Marco and Celia. It’s like forbidden love, full of fire. The love triangle is heart-breaking. Isobel knows that he’s fallen in love with Celia, Celia also knows that Isobel loves Marco so deeply, and Marco’s just… God I don’t know what to say about Marco it’s like he’s just following the flow. Honestly I feel really bad for Isobel I hope she’s okay >.< 
  • Happy ending! Although I don’t like the idea of being ghosts, I am mostly just happy and content with the fact that they just finally exist as ghosts, watching over the circus and are allowed to love each other. At first I thought they cannot touch each other because, well… ghosts lol. But then they touched!! Makes me so happy. I love warm hugs *tiba tiba*. The duel ends with no winners because both of them dispersed out of reality and into another dimension. It’s like a smack on the egos of their mentors. I hate them so much. Enough said.

That’s all. Thank you so much for reading or for visiting my blog at least.

Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, 
I love you :)


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