Sunday, 9 August 2015

Sydney #1: Planning the journey + video

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ,

Hey there if you've been following my Instagram then you might know that last month I traveled to Sydney with ma girlssss during our winter break. I don't wanna go on a lengthy rant about where I went what I did and all that jazz. Rather, I wanna share what I've learnt from the whole journey. Including a few tips for you if you're looking forward to travel. 

Note that I don't travel much because I don't have that wanderlust that most of my friends do. I just tagged along. Also, I spent a whole bunch of money without actually tracking my expenditure so bergelumang tragedi juga diri ini. Stress dekat seminggu jugak memikirkan nasib nak makan apa macam mana nak hidup semua tu. Dahla duduk negara orang -.- 

I have nothing to do with planning this journey. Macam tak contribute sangat pun sebab tak pandai nak plan plan travel semua ni. Serahkan semua kat kawan2 yg biasa travel. There were 7 of us so in terms of budgeting, we saved quite a lot. Although there are downsides to travelling in large groups. Luckily they're among friends! I personally can't even digest the idea of travelling with a tour group. No. Please. It takes the joy out of everything. 

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So I'll be sharing my story with you guys but they'll be in parts because I don't really like long posts. Here you go part #1 !

Pick a leader: Islam even proposed that if you're travelling with more than 2 people, pick a leader. The leader will decide and plan everything. Less voice. Less conflict. Less time consuming. Tapi janganlah bebankan leader. If you have suggestions and wanna help out that's great! 

Research: Common sense, research about the place that you're heading to. With technology you have heaps of ways to discover interesting places. My friends were using Triposo, there's a website and there's also an app for it. Or you can just use google. 

Write your plan down: My friends are amazing. They have such intricate planning for each day and every single plan is written down. It just make things easier like you see where you're going, the whole flow to the journey. Plus it's also good to be able to refer to the schedule. To be honest I didn't write one and had to ask my friends all the freaking time. Pretty annoying to them. So learn from my mistake, write down the tentative!

Discuss: On top of everything. Discuss! You have to make time to discuss everything prior to the journey and of course during the event itself. Of course during discussions there'll be lot's of opinions but remember to be rational. There were conflicts of course but if there's anything I learnt from my trip to Sydney, it's toleration.

I didn't bring my camera along so I used my phone. Note 4's camera is pretty damn nice in terms of quality. Can blur belakang and focus all nice. But then when it's rendered into the video making app it becomes all pixellated and shitty. But I hope you'll enjoy this video I made. Sorry for the bad quality T.T

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