Friday, 14 August 2015

Sydney #3: What I learnt

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ,

Okay ni last part dah aannnd let’s keep it short. 

Always, always always learn from everything that surrounds you. That’s the only way you’ll grow more mature and wiser everyday inshaAllah. Islam cakap kita ni macam traveller kat dunia untuk cari bekalan ke sana kan. The thing is when you travel, it doesn’t have to be overseas, but when you’re in the musafir mode suddenly God puts many things in your path for you to learn from. 

lady boss Syeri

Putting this first because man travelling with others require a high tolerance level. And telling you I’m not that tolerable. Memang dah foresee akan cepat marah dan ngamuk2 sebab well to be honest I know me better than anyone else does. Ada la kot ter’erupt’ banyak kali tabi for people like me, cuba. Cubalah untuk kawal ego tu. Your biggest opponent akan jadi diri sendiri dan walaupun termeletup ke apa don’t be frustrated, you have tried but don’t ever give it in to your ego without a fight with yourself. Too much inner conflict here -.-

Tadabbur alam:
Mak Aqila pesan niat la tadabbur alam inshaAllah dapat pahala. Memang la kadang2 over excited, you forgot about God and stuff. This way it just sort of embeds in yourself to appreciate God’s creation and to acknowledge His existence. Semoga dapat pahala. Macam mana nak tadabbur alam? Ha nanti kita cerita post lain inshaAllah. 

Sounds cliche but it’s true! Friendship does grow when you travel with your friends. Or perhaps with family members. Girls being girls, we’ll definitely get oversensitive over petty matters. But those all will pass. You’ll look back at your pictures and smile sorang2 mcm awwww gitu.

Take pictures:
Aku sumpah malas nak ambik2 gambar ni tapi fikir balik nanti rugi. So paksa la diri tu keluarkan phone/camera gi ambik gambar okay. Nanti nak tunjuk kat anak, kat cucu, kat suami (tersipu malu). Yang paling penting for an international student, hantar la gambar tu kat family. They miss you they really do. With tech nowadays it’ll at least make the distance less apparent.



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  1. bestnya melancong luar negara. harap saya juga dapat jejakkan kaki di sini satu hari nanti.

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