Friday, 13 November 2015


السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ,

Man what an exciting time. Just like that, a year almost passed and in a few days my finals will be over. After that I'm 2/3 done with my second year of degree. Australia's been extremely nice to me (and that cute innocent barista who took my order today). 

I'd say that here I've truly, but slowly, learnt to make my own decisions. I still depend on my parents to approve of my decisions, but yes I enjoy the freedom of steering my own wheel. Being so far away from them also makes me appreciate them more. I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder. I truly really miss everyone back home and not to forget the food. Can't wait to go home and just die from heart attack or high cholesterol mmm nyumz. 

Imran and I also passed our 1-year mark. My my what a great experience. I get scared reading about how love fades away after some time but it's amazing how relaxed my man is lol. He's always in the moment that's why I think it's great being with him. He doesn't worry, whilst I on the opposite, plans a lot and think too much. But we do spend a lot of time berangan so late at night. He's just amazing.

Spiritually, i'd say it's been a bumpy ride. I still do love Islam but I just hate it when people imposes a certain way as how I should see God. I have my own perspective of how I see God; He's loving and this whole life is about expressing love. That's it. That's the way I see Him. I am honestly just sick of people who talk of non-Muslims as if we're superior to any of them. Just like how you can't seem to accept their existence, I can't accept your view. 

Now I'm just counting days for my morning flight back to Malaysia. I'm excited to hold baby Alya Raifa my princess, ciksu's meeting you for the first time. Please love me lol. Will definitely catch up with all those book reviews I wanted to write. Bye now. Here are some photos.


these are called jacaranda trees

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