Wednesday, 23 December 2015

begin again

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ,

For me IR is relatively easy and enjoyable. I love learning about the world, politics, ethics and all the subjective things in the world. I could say that as of now, I am living my dream. Albeit my perception that it is an easy course for me to comprehend, I found myself literally drowning last semester. 
The first half of the semester was great for me. I loved all the subjects I was taking and my French lecturer was the best I’ve had so far. Unfortunately I used a lot of will power for that half and somehow did not recharge fast enough to face the second half. Therefore, when it was time for final exams, I had this whatever-f-it attitude. I was craving for relaxation and hugs from my loved ones. I missed my nephews and nieces very dearly, I wanted to hug my parents. Up to a point I was pushing Imran to fly over here and teman me exam. It was living hell, deep inside.

During that period, the days got longer. The happiness are all temporary. Clouded judgements. Anger. Frustration. All that. Added with my shitty skin condition. It was stress after stress. Emotional and all. 

The first week of being back in Malaysia wasn’t so fun for me too. I stayed in Putrajaya and KL that week, but I still wasn’t fully recharging due to the city atmosphere and all. Now that I am home, I guess what I really wanted back then was… this home. This kampung I grew up in. My skin got better (but heck all that pegaga juice i downed with one breath, real aloe vera and bedak sejuk on my skin all the time, wow, it really takes discipline).

air pegaga, natural aloe vera, bedak sejuk, and some ubat doctor.
haih bila nak jadi macam emma maembong ni ei
I’m happier. I could read more, write more, finish my secretarial stuff for MASCA. All good now. 

So this is to new beginning, new year. Hope I can read more, write more and score better! Cheers to more posts coming your way hihihi. 



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