Saturday, 2 January 2016

Besut Darul Awesome

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ,

How crazy it is, to leave your home for 10 months and came back to a whole new culture. I came from Besut and it’s pretty much like a little republic of its own. It’s legally in Terengganu but most of us speak Kelantanese there. I associate with being a Kelantanese but to save the hassle I just say that I am from Besut. People usually understands the whole conflict. 

Bukit Kluang in Besut used to be just a quite escapade with my family. We used to go there for breakfasts. When I was little I used to swim around the shore, by “swim” I mean two strokes and that’s it. Phew, felt like an olympic swimmer already lol. Recently, they revamped the whole place.

New entrance, new lepak place, new roads, new shops, new stalls and they star of the show, Bukit Kluang peak! I went there for a photography course yearsss ago when I was in my teens. We went up there to see the sunrise and it was the most beautiful thing ever. Back then people couldn’t care less about hiking up that trail.

Now, it’s hipsterized and has caught the attention of the whole country. Holy wow. I didn’t actually had a chance to go up there recently but I was surprised that people are actually attracted now to go up there, just cause they put some hipster signboard with the multiple hands pointing to different directions. Whatever that’s called. 

In the evening, the crowd is crazy! There’s a horse cart. A legit princess horse cart there and people can pay to ride it. What ._. Alas I’m happy that there are tons of new stalls selling street food and the ever famous milk green tea. Also, I got that pisang goreng chocolate cheese I’ve been craving since forever!

Big hugs to my twin cousins for taking me out!

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