Sunday, 31 January 2016

Calm-down Kit

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ,

Today has not been a good day. We went out to eat and decided to eat some nasi so we went to Blok M. An Indonesian restaurant. Their sambal is to die for.  Somehow today it's extra spicy and we both had stomach ache so yeah jalan2 kejap then balik. I haven't seen him for a day pastu keluar kejap je?! (overly attached alert) Damn sambal. Sedap but deadly. 

I needed to change my watch strap because it just snapped out of nowhere and some of the pieces fell off. Also, I didn't have the extra part with me so the lady at the counter sort of ketatkan and mannn I don't like it. Ketat sangat. She said she couldn't just give another strap because it isn't designed for my watch ._. So pissed off right now. 

So I got some supplies to calm the f**k ayam down. Chocolates, comfort food, books and laptop! That should do for now. Tomorrow I bangun awal, wake the boyfriend up, get new watch and compensate for today!

p/s: I'm gonna post a recipe for the oat porridge below soon! 


  1. Ya Allah....... apa itu nad? sungguh menggiurkan rasa macam nak jilat skrin hahaha T^T

    1. hahahah rupa dia mcm scary sikit kan sebenarnya. jadi warna purple sbb masak dgn blueberry


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