Friday, 22 January 2016

MasQ by MASCA Queensland

I still remember the first meeting we had as a team. Didn't know we'd grow quite close, if not really close lol. I honestly enjoyed working around a creative team. 

This is me writing a personal write up for MasQ in which there is another write up written by me about another magazine, WARdrobe! Write-up-ception. Bam.

So what exactly is MasQ? It is a student initiative from MASCA Qld and it is the brainchild of Hairul and Amira. With the amazing photographers, designers (Hans and Izu mish you guys), and writers, we managed to publish a few issues last year. This magazine features reports from associations, pictures, and students' submissions. I personally love the articles contributed by our guest writers and students because they're up close, personal and creative!  I wasn't involved anymore with the production of the recent issue above, but I did wrote a write-up for Roy and Hans' self published magazine. Kudos Mira and team for the recent issue!

WARdrobe isn't released yet but MasQ is! You're invited to embark on our journey through our writings, photographs and updates on Malaysian Associations. Thanks for reading.

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