Monday, 4 January 2016

The Pancake Parlour Incident

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ,

Just a little update I am currently in Melbourne! Last winter I stayed here for three weeks and I went out exploring every day and it’s just really fun. Now I am back for even longer and I am just practically living here. Jobless with a little money. Hope I’ll survive. 

Every time I tell people that I love Melbourne they’ll tell me “padahal love orang tu kat melben”. My boyfriend lives here. Well duh that’s the point. Heck I’ll love Bundoora when he starts living there soon. 

I was just reminiscing just now and remembered the pancake parlour incident. I totally forgot what we did the whole day but I specifically remember that night we went and watched Inside Out at Melbourne Central. fyi the movies here are so expensive, compared to Brisbane. 

Before going in I saw Pancake Parlour and I thought hey let’s go there. We both agreed that we’d go there for like… supper. Afterwards when the movie just finished, Imran says he doesn’t wanna go to pancake parlour because he’s full. To be honest I was full too. Like we just had a meal a few hours prior to the movie. Heavy meal! 

I just said yeah okay I’m full too. But mannn I did not know what got into my head, but I was sooo emotional. Tried not to show it but it was all over my face. Despite feeling full, I really really wanted that pancake. We went to separate tram stops because the place I’m staying at is far away from Imran’s house. When I arrived at the stop I just said to myself, I really want that pancake. And that Gong Cha I wanted earlier that day. 

Imran’s really good with reading my emotions. Like he just knows stuff. Texted me asking me if I was okay then I erupted hahaha. Said I didn’t get my gong cha didn’t get my pancake. Go figure. At the same time this inner conflict in my head goes off like “really girl you’re gonna bawl over pancakes and high end milk teas. uh huh? really? you sure?”

Few days later, I got my period ._. 

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