Saturday, 9 January 2016

What to do in Melbourne?

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ,

When I decided to come here and stay for a month, I was prepared for clueless days and wandering-aimlessly days. I have lost count of how many times I googled “What to do in Melbourne?” (actually less than 10 times, I do remember, but it sounds more dramatic no?)

Both Imran and I, we’re not the kind of people who goes on amazing adventure up the hill of death and comes back with totally-worth-it bruises. I don’t go wall-climbing, I go mall-climbing. He doesn’t go watch a pair of whales swimming, he watch dota tournaments. Of course we don’t mind those stuff, it’s good for experience. But we don’t crave it. Given a choice, we’d rather stay cozy and enjoy each other’s company.

But since after this stay, we don’t know when we’ll meet each other again and LDR is pretty taxing for me (since i’m the clingy one), I figured I should plan some short trips for us. I found a few websites that helps a lot with planning trips around Melbourne. What to do, where to go, when, how much it costs and all that. So these are the websites that will answer your single most difficult question; “What to do in Melbourne?”.

Weekend Notes

This website is the bomb diggity, it lists daily events and highlights of the months! You can browse through, see which one you like to do. There are events for everyone and everywhere around Melbourne. But that’s not all, there are also list of events for other cities in Australia, United Kingdom and United States! Visit the website

We Know Melbourne

This website features articles about activities and events in Melbourne. I find their article about Top 10 Cafes in Melbourne CBD pretty helpful because I’ve always been meaning to go visit their amazing cafes. Melbourne is not just a coffee hub, it is THE coffee hub. They make coffee for the city that loves to drink it *wink* Visit the website

Trip Advisor 

Trip Advisor pretty much caters to the whole touristy destination in the world, and of course Melbourne is listed too. There are lots of trips with their deals and prices listed in the website. In my opinion this website caters more to places and activities rather than events and stuff. You can book visits, hotels, find rentals and so much more. Visit the website

Next time when you ask yourself what to do in _________, head over to websites like these. But I find that Weekend Notes is the most helpful so far. Thanks to Weekend Notes, tonight I’m going to my first outdoor movie at the Royal Botanic Garden. And next week I have booked for QV Summer Cinema. 



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    1. heyy haah at the moment kat melbourne. but i study kat queensland. im here cuz my boyfriend's here hahaha. long distance is such a pain.

    2. Ahaaa noted :p hihihi. Yup. Long distance sucks!!!! But hey, he'll always be near u okay? in ur heart :p giteewwww. hihihi


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