Monday, 29 February 2016

Life update

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ,

Bila tengok Fieyqa's  chat kat chatbox dated wayyy back in mid Feb I felt so irresponsible lol. Someone also told me that my latest blog post is still stuck on that oat porridge. Who was I kidding when I said I could blog everyday?! (hint: it's me guys I fooled myself)

Just a life update I've been back in St Lucia for 3 weeks and tomorrow I'll have my 1st class of the semester! Somehow starting intermediate french is nerve wrecking. Pressure betul because I haven't had practice for 3 months. Pro tip if you're learning language: PRACTICE. We've settled in the new house and it's really nice got big tv (jakun) and all. There's a swimming pool but it's not well maintained don't think they even vacuum ke apa. Masin pun masin lah I need to lose weight hahaha *swims in salty pool, think i drank piss*. A bit on the pricey side but for the proximity with uni, worth it. 

Secretarial work with MASCA has never been more satisfying. JC and I got the human resource department up and running. Ahhh the perks of having a law student in the team. Am I Donna yet Imran? 

Also, two final year subjects this semester, which means less due dates but heeaavvvyyy weightage on assessment. Alas they're all interesting subjects and studying IR rawks. Best gift God ever granted. Last semester I thought I hustled but looking back at my effort and marks, meh the pain and sweat was just me being weak. Better get stronger anisnad *drinks stoberi protein shakes*

So happy Husna's back and we planned out our first short adventure! Went out with her to the city and it felt like the most productive day ever. I got some essentials and a new uni bag to replace the old one nak tercabut dah handles nya. The bag is nice and leather-ish it's sooo me. AND THE INSIDE LOOKS LIKE A DUPE FOR PRADA'S DOUBLE BAG. 

Some random pics of the past few weeks? :P

yappy birthday sheroq 

Imran made this lemon water before I flew back sho cute

little missy's name is Orked and she's AnisMastura's

mama Orked

my 1st french partner (Y)

creepy bear why didn't I realize creepiness dia

adventure buddy

see you when i see you


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