Tuesday, 24 May 2016

miss me? :')

Heyy peopleeeeee,

Assalamualaikum ;) 

For the past months I have made peace with the fact that I simply cannot juggle writing, uni and MASCA at the same time. All of these jobs requires me to write, write, write and write summoreee. It's taxing but I keep reminding myself that this is what I'm best at therefore, the easiest for me. The downside to having so many writings to submit at the same time is that I cannot focus on one and craft it to perfection. 

I am sorry to the wonderful friends I've met online through this little chatbox on the sidebar. I haven't updated for a long time and I also haven't had the time to read your blogs. Hope you guys are doing well. Semester is ending soon so I hope I can get back on track with writing and revamping this blog. 

Struggling to survive this semester, but surprisingly I am doing well so far alhamdulillah. Doakan iolsss. I can't be active here but I am on instagram 24/7! So you can go find me there @_anishussien 

as always, whoever you are

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  1. I understand the struggle! Hoping to see more of you here soon! New follower x


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