Sunday, 26 June 2016

airport anxiety

assalamualaikum hello everyone!

after exam ended a few days ago, I had one whole day to rest. then went out to buka puasa at a really nice indonesian restaurant here called sendok garpu. the sweetest thing ever happened... my housemates + qila azemi made an early surpriseeeee birthday celebration. thank you girls bunny wuvs you vewy much. 

i had three meetings yesterday, each lasted at least 2 hours. being the secretary, i can't miss any of it. which was fine by me because i love my current role, but i was just bummed the whole day that i couldnt have coffee because puasa. at the third meeting i was pretty much dying, but once i got home i knew i had to rush and packed everything for my flight back to malaysia. then... the airport anxiety began. 

most people are scared of flying. i'm scared (an allergic) of being late to the airport. airports has some crazy devils to it.  so many things can happen. traffic jam. baggage limit - effin baggage limit. customs. officers. damn i always feel like a criminal smuggling babies every time i come to airports. i get so anxious. i mean what even anisnad. you're only carrying some heavy ass correlles and baju. 

i have my own airport routines to keep me calm. everything must be ready the night before. luggage, hand carry, passports. the only thing left to do is head out the door. i also like to arrive at the earliest check-in period. i mean i've already had web check-in but i still gotta drop this luggage. if it says check-in counter opens 3 hours prior then girl im gonna be there at least 3 1/2 hours before. i avoid crowds. i avoid last minute emergencies.

i initially had a deal with azam who dealth with another kakak who's supposed to drop us here at gold coast airport, it's around 1 1/2 hours away with normal traffic. first she was gonna come and pick me up at 6.00pm. the anxiety creeps in. uh oh counter opens at 7, cant make it there at 6.30. this is bad, for me. also since it's school holidays, there might be insane traffic. but i know if i talk about "ifs" with people they're gonna brush me off. so i told azam hey im a bit anxious when it comes to airport. the last deal i got was 5.45 at that kakak's house. i was like okay i can do zat. 

girl i thought i was fine but nooooo. still anxious. couldnt stop thinking about the possibilities of error. i do not tolerate error in time management unless the unthinkable happens. AND I AM AVOIDING THE UNTHINKABLE. nasib baik my friends has a car and they're going our early in the morning to go parasailing somewhere in gold coast. so i hitched a ride, and around 1pm, i got here. 

i've been here for.. let's see... 4 hours. 2 more to go! i am happy and i feel at ease. i am also unbelievable. who the hell casually and willingly wait for an airport counter to open for 6 hours?! 

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  1. hahahahah and i thought i'm the only one... but not THAT critical lahh. Overr!


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