Saturday, 18 June 2016

Learning a New Language


There's a lot of uni related posts lately and that's only because i'm having my final exams. I only have one paper left for this semester then i'm flying back homeeee.

I contemplated a lot on taking extended major with french as a minor. I mean it's a big decision because once i decided to set out on this course, there's no turning back. Unless I have more than two years allocated for me, but that's not the case. I wanted to learn as many political courses as possible and pick up a new language along the way. It's been quite difficult juggling three political courses each semester, but the "i survived!" feeling after each semester is beyond amazing. alhamdulillah. 

So, new language. i didn't struggle with english because i kind of grew up with it. i don't converse in english at home on a daily basis because um... we just don't. kelate is the way to go meng. but growing up, my parents restricted me from malay stuff (except for books). other than that, every learning material is english.  I'm studying french and this semester marks my third french subject. i'm now in intermediate level. upon studying french i realized a thing or two about les strugglessssss

PRACTICE! is so important. not just a practice or a practice. but PRACTICE! capital letters dengan tanda seru ha kau. i've always procrastinated doing my practices because i feel like mehh these are easy. a bit of grammar here and there. but no. kalau belajar language, i suggest not associating it with any other language. Rebecca (my lecturer), always advise us that we should never direct translate our sentences. there might be some similarities, but i feel like learning a language from scratch is the best. be dumb. be stupid. rendahkan diri with language so that we don't feel complacent. language is a huge field, it changes constantly and there are lots of exceptions and stuff to memorize. so um.. PRACTICE! immediately right after each class. everyday pun kena practice (a lesson learnt this semester. i'm doomed #prayforanisnad). practice reading, practice listening, practice grammar. jangan malas untuk practice berulang kali. buat je benda sama 10 kali pun it helps you A LOT. nasib baik ada lagi many days for me to practice inshaaAllah harap2 boleh buat. 

Be confident. Iols sebenarnya sampai sekarang masih lagi tergelakkan / terkutuk english grammar orang, yang obvious la kan. mashaAllah perangai. but once i start studying french i just realized how people feel when they try their best to speak publicly. nervous, confused, takut buat silap, nak keluar ayat tu lambat pastu semua orang dah tertunggu tunggu kita nak cakap apa. sorry to everyone yg iols x sengaja tertegur atau terguris perasaan. gawd kena kat diri sendiri. padan muka Allah bayar cash. but i realised that what helps best to overcome this is a supportive and positive crowd. in class, everyone is pretty much the same level. some are better than others but i just love it here. so it's true what they say, surround yourself with positive people and life will be great. ha gitu. takdak la sampai macam tu tapi suasana belajar tu seronok la. jadi kaum melayu di Malaysia sana, saya menyeru anda bertaubat lah bersama saya. sudah sudah la kutuk orang cakap english. japgi ditimpa bala macam saya #prayforanisnad. kawan2 yg nak practice cakap english tu meh kita support so that they don't feel as demotivated. 

Nowadays it's so easy to learn a new language online. If you happen to get a chance to study language in a university, seize it. If not, that's alright. learn online. watch movies. listen to songs. read books! Duolingo is a great app if you wanna start :) 

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