Monday, 20 June 2016

Thoughts on new adult (NA)

New Adult, or NA, is a relatively new genre in the field. Google says this genre targets the audience between 18-30 years old. NA books are usually light reads that are similar to romcoms (romantic comedy) but with younger characters. Innocence, adventurous spirit and young blood are most likely to be the pillars of this type of fiction. 

I love reading them to sort of transition myself in between heavy reads or just to chill. They're quick and easy to go through. Devouring them in one sitting is definitely the way to go, because you wanna feel all the mixed emotions and anticipation all in one go. Plots are usually very interesting. I wouldn't say I don't enjoy them at all, but I found myself not being able to fully get the thrill that most people seem to enjoy out of NA. 

When rating NA's, i automatically start at 4.00 instead of 5.00 stars. The only reason I have for this is the fact that I didn't follow the conventional stages of book genres. Lol. Okay so the conventional ones probably look like this: children's books - young adult - adult. At the age of eleven-ish (or younger), i skipped young adult, and jumped straight into adult genre. Crimes of passion, politics,  conspiracy, religion, science, sex, affairs, historical fiction, revenge, war.  I didn't intend it to be that way. It wasn't out of curiosity or raging hormones, i just happen to take a lot of interests in what my elder siblings does. They have a huge age gap with me, the closest being 10 years apart and the farthest is 15 years apart. 

So, growing up there was A LOT of adult books lying around. Mostly adult mysteries. And later, I took interest in dark mysteries on my own. Therefore, now when I found a sudden craving for NA and YAs (young adult), i really can't get into them so much. Because it always feel like a downgrade for me to read books that are meant for the younger self that i didn't explore before. 

I highly recommend NAs if you wanna just... chill and feel some laff, friendship, all that jazz. Start with Colleen Hoover, Margon Matson and well, John Green duh. Kalau nak invest in some good books, theirs are among the best kot. Because I myself tak nak waste my money on books I wouldnt like. So it's best to read some reviews beforehand. Hyped books arent usually hyped for nothing. They're hyped for something. pretty much the same thing what even anisnad. But yeah, highly recommend these 3 writers if you wanna kickstart your NA/YA journey. 

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