Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Following Through My NY's Resolution

This year I have to drink a lot of water and obtain more work experience

Listing your new year's resolutions is easy. It's fun as well because you get to daydream about all the stuff you want to do and achieve throughout the year. I always list like a thousand things down in my agenda as well as put some decoration around the page so that my list looks nice. However, based on my experience my list doesn't really result into anything. I could follow through with my grocery list better pfft.

What is it with New Year's resolutions that makes it so hard to follow through with? Did I list too many? Were they too vague? Were they impossible to achieve the first place and my head was up in the clouds all this time? I feel like it's time for me to take an alternative route to achieving success this year. Therefore, this year I decided to have TWO big INTENTIONS and under the intentions there are some aspects in my life that I wish to achieve. I got the idea of intention from Cam & Nina  (they're vegan!). 

This year I intent to Love More and Be Stronger. Some of the aspects that I want to love more is myself and my life. That being said, this year I must create habits that manifests my self love such as drinking more water, reading more beneficial books, run more, appreciate friends, and so many other small habits that will result into a happier me. A 'me' that I can love unconditionally. 2017 has already started off pretty well with my newfound love towards Spots.

In terms of being stronger, I believe that stems from self-love and content as well. I want to be stronger in terms of my physical and my personality. Since I've already started running last year, this year I just have to be more disciplined and consistent. A strong personality will take me places I've never been before and introduce me to people I never thought I could be friends with. At the age of 22 and in the year 2017, I have a feeling that it's a good time to start being stronger.

With only two intentions to remember, I feel lighter and free to pursue any direction I want. I make it a point to always remind myself: love more anis be stronger anis. My very own mantra. In anything I do and everything I pursue, I'll know that it's for love and it'll make me stronger. Small habits will result into big life changes, I just hope I will be extra disciplined to follow through with my intentions. 

I hope your intentions and resolutions will take you places too this year! Happy 2k17 :) 

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