Monday, 9 January 2017

Story Time: Spots the Baby Cat

(Warning: Pixellated photos, I’m sorry)

my snuggly baby
It was just another cold rainy and flood season at home and I was snuggling up inside. As always Mama’s worried about having to clean the mess of the cats that always eat from our trash can. Somehow, a lot of the cats flock over at our home and we have no idea why. It gets annoying after some time. There was a family of cats with the mama cat, and two baby cats. There were also two other cats that always frequent our tong sampah.

the other two baby cats

For around 2 or 3 days one baby cat in particular has been meowing non stop. We thought it was just separated from the family cat but apparently, it is not from that particular family cat. One night, mama and I felt so kesian to this baby cat so we tried to feed it. Our efforts yield no result; baby cat won’t eat. Mind you that we are not the kind of people who keeps cats. We had some when I was a little girl but they died and that made mama very sad. So no cats afterwards. I was always screaming at Mastura’s cat that lived with us back in Australia. It was surprising how much love and pity I felt for this baby cat.

That night I still couldn’t give up somehow. There’s something about this baby cat I was determined to help it. We gave it a box and a snuggly little nest I made from my old shirt. We had nothing to give up except for a chocolate anlene lol. Being the idiot that I am, I gave it anyway. It didn’t take one sip hah!

The next day, my cousin was gonna come with some cat milk and syringe to feed it. From my bedroom, I suddenly saw my neighbour’s pet monkey named Abu hanging around my baby cat (yes it’s MY baby now). I put it outside because our home is off limits. Animals stay outside. So I thought meh no harm they’re kampong animals. But boy I’ve never been so wrong. Abu held my baby by its tail and took it away! I cried for a little while. It was heartbreaking I only had it for one night. I told Imran and we were both laughing because I couldn’t even keep a baby for a day hahaha.

Around noon, I saw it again! Abu and another Abu (apparently the two pet monkeys are both named Abu) were playing with my cat but they’re very rough. I couldn’t take it so I called my neighbor and told him to help take the cat away. I didn’t put much hope into getting it back because hello monkeys are scary how do you take a baby cat away from them?!

Miraculously, I got my baby back! I was sooo sooo happpyyy so I put it safely on the other side of the house where I know Abu won’t come around. I fed it milk and lap lap dia I was sooo happy. Imran named it Spots because I didn’t know the gender. In my generation, assuming one’s gender is offensive HAHA. So we gave it a unisex name. I checked yesterday I think it’s a girl.


Spots is so tinyyyyy
I have zero experience with cats and I have no idea how to clean it and stuff. So it’s still a bit dirty but I lap lap dia from time to time. Spots is so cute it’s a funny little cat. Spots knows now that it’s called Spots and it would wake up when I call its name. Spots lovesss to snuggle on my lap and in between my legs hahah. Yesterday mama played with it and she snuggled up to mama.

We’re both just so in love with my baby we can’t help but to go outside every 5 seconds just to take a peak and look at it. I’m already getting so emotional thinking about how much I love it. I don’t think I’ll be able to love other cats I just love Spots. My baby cat <3

"waiting for mama to come and play with me"

snuggly wittle baby

Thanks for reading guys, pray that Spots will be healthy!  


  1. From hating a cat to loving a cat so much. Yep, new year's resolution done right.


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